TEDxFindhorn – Saturday 9th July 2016

On 9th July 2016 the Universal Hall hosted the second in the series of TEDx Findhorn events, which the Findhorn Foundation is proud to sponsor. It was a great evening with four inspiring talks and a wonderful piano performance. Click on the photos or links to see the talks/performances.




Mumta Ito: Say YES to the Rights of Nature. Say YES to LIFE!

Mumta Ito’s central theme is that by enshrining Rights of Nature in law, we protect the environment that we all need for our very existence. In her passionate talk she points out that although Humans have the Right to Life, Nature which provides all the materials for our lives has no such Rights.
Mumta Ito is the founder of the International Centre for Wholistic Law and Rights of Nature Europe, which aims to realign the application and methodology of law with the universal laws that govern all life. See Mumta’s talk here.





Lisa Shaw: From Wastewater to Deep Beauty:

Lisa Shaw, is a long term community member and artist working in the field of ecological design applied to restoration biology. She creates paintings and collaborative art projects as part of the team at Biomatrix Water combining art, nature, engineering & community involvement to transform polluted waterways.    www.lisashawart.com  and http://www.biomatrixwater.com/. See Lisa’s talk here






Alexander Chapman Campbell: Piano Solo

Alexander, a 28 year old Scottish composer and pianist. He performs 3 pieces from his album “Portraits of Earth” for solo piano. His music is largely inspired by nature, particularly the wild and beautiful Scottish Highlands. Hauntingly beautiful with rich, ethereal, emotive melodies that touch the heart. http://www.alexanderchapmancampbell.com/. See Alex play here





Alex Walker: Community Development: An Introduction to Spell Casting

Alex offers two or three helpful organisational development tools.

Alex Walker is a community activist and Sustainable development consultant. He is the chairman of Ekopia, which invests in various social enterprises in Moray, Scotland and is a director of Development Trusts Association Scotland. http://www.ekopia.org.uk/. See Alex’s talk here.



Alan searchWatson­-Featherstone: Reforesting the Ancient Caledonian Forest

Alan’s inspiring talk is about his involvement in restoring the Caledonian Forest and all its constituent species of flora and fauna to the Scottish Highlands.

Alan is the Founder and Visionary of the Scottish Charity, Trees for Life since 1989. He has overall responsibility for the charity and its strategic direction. His work includes a special focus on media and public relations, major donor fundraising and biodiversity research at Dundreggan Conservation Estate. http://treesforlife.org.uk/. See Alan’s talk here.

Many thanks to our generous partners without whose help this event would not have happened.



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